June 4, 2010


 You could close your eyes while walking and know when you get close to our pond. 
The roses are in bloom and the fragrance is intoxicating. One step you don't smell anything and that next step has your world filled to the brim with excitement and joy as the abundant scent permeates your soul. 

Once you open your eyes, your sense of sight is deeply inspired by Mother Nature's artistic talent in the delicate and exquisite blooms, and it is only fitting that I choose these roses for Friday's Flowers hosted by Renee at Fimby.

I chose a vase that used to be my mother's, that she had parted with long ago. I have always loved its detail and have kept it close by in my glass cabinet.
I love the quote by Terri Guillemets, 
"If you've never been thrilled to the very edges of your soul by a flower in spring bloom, maybe your soul has never been in bloom" 
 a good reminder to all of us to take time, to make time, to smell the roses.


Unknown said...

Oh wonderful! Yes, there is nothing quite like the fragrance of wild roses...We enjoy them this time of year along the long road to our summer cottage and in our yard there too~ I think they are especially spectacular this year. I wonder if our somewhat mild winter played a part in the abundance of blossoms this year?
Love the vase you chose to display them in.... so sweet...

Dandelion Wishes,

Francesca said...

That is such a perfect vase for roses!

renee @ FIMBY said...

What an amazing vase. I love wild roses. Intoxicating is right.