June 21, 2010


Summer's Solstice
Ahh! First
Ray of Dawn

Awakens the heart
In appreciation of life
This morn of Summer's
portent born.

Yes! Love,
My basket,
Yearning to be filled
With all bliss in the ecstatic
Joy garnered from Earth's
Green delight!

Oh! You
Golden orb,
Bless all life brought forth
In the flowers' promise made known
By fruit and bird song
From now on.

Ha! Smile
Upon us,
Lighten each our heart
That every child is fed and loved;
Embraced in green arms
And bloom bright.

Ahh! First
Ray of Dawn:
Summer's Solstice born.
Earth's passionate embrace fulfilled,
Her covenant song

Our troth

~ poem by Jade Wah'oo


denise said...

Love that poem, and what a great collection of sun images! Happy Solstice!

Dee @ Red Dirt Ramblings said...

Nice. Happy Solstice to you too.~~Dee

Pearl Maple said...

Followed your link for the blogger's creating party and the recognised your part of the world and spent a delightful afternoon visiting.