January 6, 2011


Phyllis of All Things Beautiful passed this award along to me. 
Thank you . I am honored.

The requirements:
1. Specify three destinations to which you want to travel and write why.
2. Pass on if you wish, to as many or few as you wish.

1) San Diego
My older son and his fiancee live in San Diego and love the area. I haven't been out there yet and have heard it's a great place to live and visit . It would be great to be able to time my visit with Good Vibrations!

2) Missouri
My great uncle and aunt live in Missouri. They live in a small town where everyone knows everyone and they are all friends. They own a quilt shop and have the "borrowed" landscape of miles and miles of cornfields across the road. My Uncle Bud just celebrated his 80th birthday this year. I would like to take a drive with my two youngest children in the very near future and spend some time with them.

3) New Zealand
    Ever since the very talented and inspiring fiber artist, Marie, posted this picture on her blog, Softearth's World, I became totally enamored with New Zealand. It's magnificent! All those dots in the picture are sheep!  I would LOVE to go explore the countryside, and especially, visit with Marie.

There are many other places I would like to travel to, but these three destinations came instantly to mind.

I am passing this award to four terrific people:
- Suzan at Old Grey Mare
- Valarie at A Place Like This
- Beth at Acorn Pies
Marie at Softearth's World

I just noticed I had included all three in another award here, but when people inspire you, they inspire you. . . what can I say?  :)

happy day!


Beth said...

Thank you so, so much, Marcia!!!!! love, Beth

oldgreymare said...

aw shucks, thank you dear!

San Diego is a fun place to visit and I know some great fun shopping there, so be sure and let me know if you head out that way.

I think New Zealand would be amazing.



softearthart said...

Oh how kind to give me an award, you are a sweetie, love and light, Marie