January 9, 2011


Our Bird Haven that we made on our deck is as beneficial to us as it is the birds. We have a close- up view all day long of them visiting the feeders. They are getting used to us moving about and don't fly off as quickly anymore. But many times we peek through the edge of the curtains so as not to alarm them.
    It's amazing how many birds will visit at one time. Can you count them? Click on the picture to enlarge it.

         (Click to enlarge and see if you found all of them. Look for the yellow stars)
                                We keep pen and paper nearby to write down the names of our bird visitors. It's fun to go back and see what bird visited on what day and when certain seeds or suet were offered.

 The field guides are kept by the window to look up the birds we don't know. These are the two we use the most.
We also have our bird chart hanging by the window, especially for people who visit. Before long they are trying to identify the birds themselves. Birding is contagious.

The birds visit the haven in all weather.

There are those who hang out and wait their turn.

sometimes on a nearby fence.

BUT there are others who come and partake of the birds' food. . . 
 but after all, they are living creatures too, I guess there IS room for all. 

The squirrels are quite brazen and and don't even care when we appear at the window.
They are fun to watch.

The hens have discovered good eating here too, and make their way up the deck from their coop

The Bird Haven has also been quite the entertainment for the kittens in the house. Each morning they sit atop a chest by the window and watch. Sometimes they peek through the curtains .

or sit in their bowls. I know, silly silly kittens!

Children LOVE the Bird Haven. Perhaps you would like to make one. You can see how we made it HERE. You can make one now, even if the ground is frozen where you live, just buy potting soil from the store.

Activities to do with the Bird Haven.
- keep a list of the birds that visit and the date

- notice their markings, beaks, what they eat and where they eat 
- look up the birds in a field guide and learn more about them

- take pictures of them
- draw them as you watch them, or from the pictures you take
- paint them with watercolors or use watercolor pencils
- make a bird book, telling what you know about each one or create a story
 - fill the feeders and add suet. We provide black oil sunflower seed, shelled peanuts, niger (thistle seed), saffllower seed, and suet.
- put out a very shallow dish of fresh water

-colored pencils ( we love Prismacolor)
-drawing paper, watercolor paper
- field guides on birds
- camera
- binoculars

A great activity for the Hands On Homeschool blog carnival.
happy day!


oldgreymare said...


I miss cardinals and squirrels : (


michelle and murph said...

We love our bird haven. Scout wakes uo each morning and looks out the window, from bed, to see who is out there! Love the pics!

Unknown said...

I love this! Why haven't we made one yet??? I'm inspired... I know just the place right off the deck!
thank you! This post is also in the hands on homeschool carnival today!
Happy Bird Watching!

Beth said...

This is wonderful. What a great idea to create a bird haven on your porch with what look like branches from the Christmas tree...? I can't believe the variety of birds you are seeing there, and your pictures are outstanding! The cats look beside themselves with passionate interest. And the funny to see them up on the porch checking out the offerings, like plump ladies at a buffet. love, Beth

Melissa said...

Yes yes and YES!! We must make a bird haven....this weekend is the time...I will post pictures and link back to you, my friend! I have been meaning to create a spot on our back porch since your original post but the time has simply slipped away. My aunt sent my son some vintage Bird Flash Cards that were my grandmothers....I think it is the perfect time!! Thank you, as always, for the inspiration!

Valarie said...

That is such a great bird haven. You have so many beautiful birds there. It's the cats that have caught my eye though. I just love them sitting in those bowls. Very cute.