January 28, 2011


We have visitors who arrive at our various doors throughout the day, especially in winter when the ground is frozen and heavily laden with snow making it impossible to scratch the earth to find added foodstuff.

 Notice how they are grouped together on the path from the back door? We, as people, tend to do the same. We stay with those we are most comfortable with, those most like us.

A few times a day you will see them arriving at the front door, the back door and the kitchen sliders. They know they can rely on the extra treats we toss to them; organic peas, corn, cut grapes, and sunflower seeds.
They make their way through the snow and up the deck steps for the tasty morsels they know they will receive. And who can resist them? . The children love them and so do the kittens!

And I feel blessed from the gifts they give to us, to know we are eating wholesome, nutritious eggs from chickens who are allowed to roam and forage freely throughout our twelve acres and who are fed organic ingredients.

I never considered myself a bird person until we got chickens and now I couldn't live without them !

I've decided to post weekly about our farm life, and join Farm Friday hosted by Wabi-Sabi Wanderings.

happy day!


W-S Wanderings said...

Oh my, the shot with the kitten - FABULOUS! And seeing the hens all along the path up to your door is wonderful. We've noticed that ours tend to group themselves according to breed as well. Interesting, that. The hens really are a delight, aren't they? Their antics are wonderful *and* they give the treasures of their eggs.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Oh I just love the photo of the kitten laying at the door and the chickens looking in :) Hubby and I were just outside in the snow yesterday assessing our chicken coop as it is in need of a few repairs before I put in my chick order next month. I can't wait to get some new girls :)

Leanne said...

I haven't noticed the chooks hanging out together of same likeness. I'll have to make a mental note to watch.

brrrr it looks cold there.

Love Leanne

Lise said...

I love that first photo! My chickens are cooped at the moment, poor things. They refuse to set their feet onto the snow--even shoveled paths. I'd been leaving the coop open days, just in case, but last week, a stray pit bull got one of them, so now I've shut the door. :-(

Luisa said...

Oh that was so funny the chickens at the door for a litt nibble. It has to bring smiles with a group like that.

Farmgirl Susan said...

That photo with the cat and the chickens at the door is priceless! And I love the first one, too. Thanks for the great big smile. :)