January 18, 2011


The boys are behaving themselves these days. . . 
which means they are not biting us. 
Mating season has ended until March, and sad to say, our female passed away a month ago. Therefore, the boys are less *rambunctious* these days.

We let them free range when we are outside and they follow us. It's quite a sight to see them waddle side by side down the narrow path to the horse barn. The horses come to the fence and two horses and two ducks stare at each other for quite some time and none of them utter a sound.

The ducks like eating snow, but especially love the thawed organic frozen corn and peas I toss to them .
You do know ducks should NOT be fed bread, right?  Unfortunately, we see people do it all the time at ponds and parks.
Bread is not good for their digestive system and it is not nutritious enough. It's basically JUNK FOOD for a duck.

You shouldn't feed ducks in the wild at all, but if you must, choose healthy alternatives such as cut up grapes, oats, birdseed, frozen peas and corn (thawed ) or waterfowl pellets
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happy day!


Brenda Pruitt said...

I did not know that! I am not around any ducks. But I shall pass this important info on!

Unschoolers Rock the Campground said...

One of our favorite favorite places has a sign hanging that say "Please don't feed the water fowl. It degrades the park".

??? What ??? !!!

Jessica said...

I know...but am going to facebook the sign for some of my friends with young ones whom are keen on feeding bread.Thankyou for putting this on your blog, i had been looking for a way to show them.

Rosina {Rosy ~ Posy} said...

Such a good reminder! When you think of feeding ducks bread always seems to be the first thing people bring. It's to bad that some of the parks with water fowl don't post a few signs to educate others as there are a lot of people that really don't know and think they are doing good :)

Beth said...

Wow, I didn't know that either, but it makes sense. I did know you shouldn't feed songbirds bread, which a lot of people do as well. From now on, I will bring ducks healthy food choices! love, Beth