January 8, 2011


What child can pass up a scavenger hunt? 
It's a great activity to do when the cold winds blow and there is not much to do outside-so you may think! 
But don't let nature fool you; even though the area seems barren with empty trees, frozen ground and even snow, there is still much to discover. And children love to find things!

Some children like the cold more then others, but if a child is dressed in layers, with warm feet, head and hands, you will be the one coaxing them inside after a few hours.

A nature scavenger hunt is fun and a great game to look closer and focus in among the varied areas of the outdoors.  You can make the list of items that pertain to your area, things they can find where you live.
 Each child has a partner, and with a list, pencil and collection bag, they hurry off to find their treasures.
Our list:
~ a pine cone
~ a white stone
~ an acorn cap
~ a piece of bark
~ lichen
~ a berry
~ a colored leaf
~ an evergreen needle
~ a seed head
~ AND a bonus item*

With a snow covered ground, I would add :
~animal tracks
~ find a nest in a tree
~ a leaf still clinging to a branch from autumn
~find buds on the trees, etc.
*The bonus item is something special they find while exploring, that perhaps noone else has seen, that they can share with others.
Some examples of what they found:
~ a branch of thorns
~ sap from a pine tree collected on a stick
~ white downy feather from a duck
~ intricate seed pods

Once inside, we spread out our collections and the children share their bonus finds. Field 
guides and nature books are used to look up what we want to know more about. 
Some might draw what they found or just add to their nature collections.  
It's exciting to have a Nature Scavenger hunt in each season . We are always amazed at what we  find!

happy day!


Anonymous said...

I’ve recently started a blog, the information you provide on this site has helped me tremendously. Thank you for all of your time & work.

marcia said...

You are most welcome. I'd love to see your blog when you want to share.

happy day!