January 25, 2011


Do you save odds and ends, thinking there might be some use for them? As a mixed media artist I can't help but save most everything, but I also save especially for the children. What we see as "junk", they can envision all kinds of things. 
All the stuff needs a home though, or it can become unruly very quickly, so I designated a box and when I came across something I toss it in. 
But the real fun is when the box is brought out to the children! 

Just provide colored duct tape and masking tape and they will do the rest! 

This is a terrific Winter project when those cold winds keep children inside for longer hours and they are looking for something to do. ( read about boredom here)

What kinds of things do I save? 
Most anything that catches my eye. All kinds of lids, bottle caps, paper towel rolls, tags from clothes,bubble wrap, packing peanuts, baling twine, ice cream containers, yarn, broken pieces of toys or household objects (with safety in mind , of course!), cardboard, small boxes, buttons, and the list goes on and on.

Perhaps you could start a Box of Stuff at your house and see what the children come up with.
When they are finished, ask them about it. No doubt there's a name for their creation and a whole story behind it. 
To preserve the memory, take a picture and write out their story. They will love reading it in the years to come. 
And remember the process is always more important than the product .

  happy day!


Lise said...

Love this! It inspired me to post about some of our stuff, too. (here: :-)

Luisa said...

Absolutely I save a lot of stuff, junk, things and other small things from bottle caps, yarn ribbons, all sizes of boxes. Ok I know rambling here. We keep all that in the art studio. I'm amazed when it's transformed into something else and love to see their process. Thanks for reminding me to take pictures and write about it. It will be wonderful for them to read later.

Anonymous said...

Genius! I'm going to start one of these immediately, my kids will LOVE it : )