April 9, 2011


This is her newest duct tape creation. 
She knew what she wanted to make and went to work on it, without a pattern.
There are so many things to make using duct tape.  
Do a search and you will find directions and videos.
She also make a glove, but it was too small
perhaps it could be a sculpture on her shelf, titled
"talk to the hand"
Duct tape comes in a multitude of colors and designs.
And there's even a Duck Tape Club ! 

What are you going to make?

happy day!


Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

A beautiful bag made with duct tape?! I didn't know it came in colours. Small children love tape of all kinds, this might be something I can use with my little ones.
This young woman did a wonderful job, very creative!

Tara Mekosh Berggren said...

Absolutely love this! Great work. Super cool.

W-S Wanderings said...

Very impressive. She looks so stylish in general, but all the more soe with her uber funky duct tape accessory. And I LAUGHED at the "Talk to the Hand" sculpture!

Jessica said...

I had no idea that duct tape comes in that many colours.I have only ever seent he silver one!My eldest will craft and make with it for carriages, pitch forks (to clean pretend stables) ect.I am going to have to look for colour.Your daughter is so clever, and the hand would make a perfect conversation piece on a shelf in sight!Time to go to the hardwear shop i think!

oldgreymare said...

some local kids here did the duct tape prom competition. so cool


marcia said...

Make sure to check CRAFT stores too. they will carry COLORED and PATTERNED duct tape :)

happy day!

Leontien said...

haha very creative indeed! i would have never thought of a purse made out of Duct Tape! haha


Stephanie said...

Woot! Very, very cool.
And I love the "talk to the hand". :)

Valarie said...

That's an incredible bag!!! We have a lot of duct tape over here as well. "O" started an online journal/blog called Duct Tape and paper. It's always that combination over here. He just finished making an incredible airplane with a very small motor all out of duct tape and paper. I didn't know about the duct tape club and will pass along that information. Thanks