April 11, 2011


 The unfurling, the blossoming, the greening, the warming, and the renewal from Mother Earth

It is the same each Spring, and never would I tire of it.

Spring's green bud is bursting fast,
And winter's reign is o'er at last,
And summer's sun
Has now begun
His genial beams o'er earth to cast.


A magic want in hand unseen,
Decks nature in her robes of green;
And liquid notes
From songster's throats
With music hail the brightened scene.


Rubies and pearls bedeck the morn;
And golden vestments eve adorn;
And life abounds,
And joy resounds,
Where melancholy stalked forlorn.


The flowing rivers, winds and showers,
The sparkling rills, the radiant flowers,
Leap and rejoice
With sudden voice,
Eager to test their new-born powers.


The choral anthem--incense sweet!
With swelling melody replete,
Fills ev'ry gale
With grateful hail,
The gentle influence to greet.


"Glory to the matchless sprite!
Glory to effulgent Light!"
Aroused from sleep,
The land and deep
Unceasing chorus day and night!


Should I then omit to bring
My choicest gifts to welcome spring?
Join in the choir
With heart and lyre,
And loudest in the concert sing?

C.B. Langston


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farmer said...

what a wonderful picture of the frog,you are so lucky to have captured it.

Bonnie K said...

Ok, the photos were great (especially the frog and ladybug), but then the poem! You made me slow down, take my time, and enjoy. Thank you!

beth said...

your frog photo made me laugh out loud :)

cfgyexy6464 said...

yup, the frog is great, and I recently saw skunk cabbage for the first time so it was fun to see that on your blog as well. lovely springtime photos.

Tonya said...

Beautiful words and amazing pictures!! :)