April 22, 2011


Make every day Earth Day . . .

Take the time to marvel . . .  
in the beauty of all living things.

Be inspired by what is all around you. 

 Reflect on your life and your world
     and decide how you can make a difference.

            Relish in the quietness and the wildness . . . 
 seeking solace, inspiration and joy.

Delight in the small things . . .

and show a child the true meaning of wealth.

                             Dare . . .
                                     to care.

Listen to this SONG (from
Read 100 ways you can save the earth by Going Green here.

"I'm not an environmentalist.  I'm an Earth warrior"
  ~Darryl Cherney

                   HAPPY EARTH DAY!

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Lynn said...

Very nice:@)

Leontien said...

Great pics and i hope you have a wonderful Easter and Earth day!


Unknown said...

Thank you for the tour and the beautiful and inspiring thoughts.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

thanks for this, it is inspiring!

Kritter Keeper at Farm Tails said...

i so agree with you and you will enjoy my post today, we have very similar views. i love love your little girl with her horse. i really look forward in following you!

Beth said...

Very thoughtful words, Marcia. You seem to live your words, too!

Teresa said...

What a wonderful Earth Day post! I love your pictures.

W-S Wanderings said...

Here I am, late again. But SO very happy to have arrived, because you have created a delightful thoughtful post here. It's lovely to see the lushness of your part of the world, as we are awash in yellows and browns that are only just beginning to hint at the green that lays ready to emerge.

Many thanks for sharing.