April 13, 2011


The Mallards are back! 
Each year they return to our pond in mid April and stay for a week. We noticed them yesterday, a male and female, swimming together. The other day a drake sat alone on our bridge. 
We stopped the car and just watched. Their arrival heralds spring and each year we eagerly await their visit. 

 I got out, to get a closer look with my camera, and they swam faster in the opposite direction. . .
not knowing if I was friend or foe. 

He seemed to hurry her along . . . 
                 faster and faster . . . 
until he felt she was safe. 
Can you see her?

You can tell he was comfortable because he started to preen his feathers. . . 
He swam just past her, but every now and then would stop and look around.
He knew she was close by, safe and sound, camouflaged in the cattail reeds

It's the little things in life, and the unending joys of nature, that make our hearts sing and enrich our lives. Being rich has nothing to do with money.

happy day. . . happy spring!


oldgreymare said...

feeling rich myself this morning..:D


Unknown said...

I smiled the entire time viewing this post! Thank you! And nothing could be more true, wealth has nothing to do with money! Thank God!

S. Etole said...

such a happy sign of spring ...

michelle and murph said...

I am always amazed how they find there way back!

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

This is such a nice observation - and it is fascinating at this time to witness the migration of the birds, geese, and ducks.

Here in Regina, Saskatchewan we have the mallards through the summer, and I've spent many happy moments witnessing their behavior.They are awesome in the true sense of the word, as is all nature.

Yes, we are very rich if we will take time to observe nature, I agree.

Thanks for this lovely moment.

I also like your side photo of the egg, do you create these?

One year an employer gave us a day's workshop for fun on how to do this, it was really interesting, and enjoyable.

Beth said...

Your mallard drake seems nice and solicitous to his mate. I've seen mean drakes! Have you? Thank you for the story. It was fun to watch unfold. love, Beth

Unknown said...

It's this life we share that makes us rich. What a beautiful post. They obviously thought of you as friend. I think I might have been considered foe, don't you think? : )


Mary Ann said...

Lovely pictures of the mallards, you are lucky to have them by you!