April 1, 2011


 The door inside the great room looking into the front hallway.
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happy day!


Kit said...

I am loving the color of your door! Kit

retha said...

I've been trying to find a place for our new home to have a door like that - no luck yet for me.
Did you make the quilt.

Razmataz said...

Wow, that is bold and beautiful. Sarah Richardson (leading Canadian Designer) painted the doors of her farmhouse inside that color. It looks fantastic.

Unknown said...

Love your red doors! But you knew that already!

E. Charlotte said...

I love how the color of the door brings out the colors in the quilt beyond. :D

E. Charlotte said...

I love how the color of the door brings out the same colors in the quilt beyond! :D

~Kristin~ said...

Love the red doors and the quilt!
But especially love the photo on your profile page of the little girl kissing the horse! So cute!

Bonnie K said...

I love that door! I tried to paint mine red last year and it is way too purple. The yellow wall behind with that quilt is absolutly perfect. Great job. Do you mind my asking the name of that color? I'm going to repaint my door and that is what I'm looking for.

stefanie said...

what great photos!

marcia said...

Thank you everyone!

I did make the quilt,using up scraps that I cut into triangles then assembled the way I wanted.

that's my youngest daughter a few years back...she still is an animal lover and has such a way with them.

Birds,Bees Berries and Blooms,
The paint is Moroccan Red #1309 by Benjamin Moore.
When I look for red paint I always get red that has more yellow in it then blue. It's also towards the warmer colors in the spectrum vs the cool colors. Then I'm happy :)

Now I need to go visit everyone else's photos!

happy day!