April 29, 2011


Inspiration from SouleMama

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happy day!


Phyllis said...

What a sweet photo. I love her expression! The little critter is so cute.

karen said...

happy gardening!

Amanda said...

Good for the garden!

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Luisa said...

What a nice moment. My kids love worms and checking out the dirt.

simona said...

i love this photo especially since it reminds me of how my sister and i used to play with worms almost every day as kids.

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Anonymous said...

Great picture. I love those country girls who can gaze at worms! I am raising a few of those too. :)
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Sofia's Ideas said...

Eeeeeew! Slimy things! I'm such a girl! lol!

I love this, great job!

I'm stopping by from Soule Mama's {This Moment}. I hope you'll do the same! You can see our moment @
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marcia said...

Look closely. It has legs!
It's a salamander!

happy day!

Sadie from said...

she is so brave :)

Heart n Soul said... that!...a great moment indeed!

Morgan Hagey said...

Wow, I really thought that was a WORM! But it's not! AMAZING!