April 30, 2011


 Everyone can do at least ONE thing in this world to make a difference. It can be small and simple or large and complex. . . it is all worthwhile. 

Head on over to Suzan's oldgreymare and share something today and the first day of every month to come. Be sure to check the links on the right side bar to read precious posts of Project Genesis. You will be inspired.

Today I am sharing creative recycling ideas for toilet paper rolls. . . .

Seed starters:
Directions here.

Directions here.

  Floral Wall Art:
Directions here.

Binoculars for children:
Directions here.

Vintage favor pouches:
Directions here
These could also be adapted for children with brightly colored paint and chenille stems as handles.

 Farm Animals: 
pig, chicken, chicks, horse, cow, lamb, goat, dog and cat
Directions here.

And more . . .
very impressive ART:
Minature masks by French artist Junior Fritz Jacquet

Paper cutting by French artist Anastassia Elias

Mini sculptures by Japanese artist Yuken Teruya 

Be a part of Project Genesis TODAY!

happy day!


oldgreymare said...


well you "Wiped" this link for sure! lol

These are super ideas...those sculptures are amazing! Something so simple, still changing the world..thank you dear :D


Tanya said...

Love this little dog thinks that empty toilet paper rolls are purely for his amusement. He will be so disappointed to find out otherwise! :-) Happy May Day - Tanya

Razmataz said...

I love all these ideas, but especially the one for seedling starters....super idea.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

I really enjoyed seeing these ideas. Being a daycare worker, I am always looking for recycling ideas for art.
I especially loved the flowers, thank you for the link to Amanda's blog. I have decided to follow her.
Blogging is such a great way to learn I feel.

the old white house said...

Great post, these are such great ideas! I will be checking out the how-tos on a few of them. xoxo