April 29, 2011


A new visitor arrived at our pond early this evening. I ran back to get my camera.

On closer inspection, I realized he was with a friend. They swam further away when they saw me.

I sat and watched awhile and was happy I did. . . 
because soon they took flight.

It's the little unexpected treasures that come upon us. . .  that make life so worth living.

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                        happy day!


oldgreymare said...

We both were given gifts from nature today. :D

W-S Wanderings said...

So beautiful. My Eldest has been busy snapping photos of the wild ducks that seem to have adopted one or our ponds. I tried too, but every step taken in their direction, leads to 3 of their steps taken away. And then the flight.

Bonnie K said...

Great parting shot! It pays to be patient. I wouldn't know anything about that. Thanks for sharing.

Mullin Avenue Workshop said...

These are beautiful pictures.
I live in a city in Saskatchewan, Canada where although the temperatures are very, very cold (close to minus 30 for much of the winter the Canadian geese stay to winter) They began staying in the early days of the city because we had a poer plant on the lake which kept some of the water open from ice. Now that the power plant is gone due to changes in technology, the lake freezes over, but the geese still stay,

So Canadian geese are ever present. I am so fortunate to live across the street from the lake so hear their calls throughout the day.

But still the images of Candian geese enthrall me, I have never stopped being amazed and in love with these birds.

retha said...

although you might have wanted them to make your pond their home your picture of them departing is something very special.

Razmataz said...

We too have so many Canada geese, people think they are a nuisance because they poop all over our parks. But they are lovely despite being messy.