August 11, 2010


I still haven't adjusted to having two kittens in the house..NOT YET... and they have been here since the beginning of June. They continue to surprise me day in and day out with what they get intoToday was no exception. 

She is looking at me, right in the eye, and she knows she shouldn't be there. but yet doesn't move a muscle. I think she's deciding if she should stay or get ready to flee.

We usually have a spray bottle within arm's reach for whenever either of them jump onto the island or table. So where was that spray bottle today when I needed it???
Lucky for us, they have kept off the counters and sink area , so far that is.

In no time she answered her own question, as she stretched. . . 

and yawned. . . 

and nestled right in. . . 

for a bit of mid-morning slumber.

Have you ever worked at your island while a kitten slept in a bowl nearby? 
It was a first for me.

And truth be told, a perfect animal owner wouldn't have allowed it and would have been consistent and found the spray bottle and sprayed the kitten with water and the kitten would have sprang from the island in leaps and bounds, never to do that again. . . until tomorrow :)

     happy day!


eidolons said...

One of our cats *liked* being sprayed with water. It was the craziest thing.

Several of our cats love to sleep in our bathrrom sink. Whether it's wet or not.

Cats. Are. Weird. And I love them. (:

Beth said...

Hi, Marcia! This kitten has a lot of twinkle. There is quite a challenge in his gaze! "What are you going to do about it?" he seems to ask. Cats mean comfort. love, Beth

Unknown said...

What cute pictures! He looks settled into that bowl. My step-father has a cat and when she was a kitten we looked all over one day and couldn't find her. Finally found her in a space in his CD tower sleeping. He usually cuts the tops off of his kleenex boxes and she used to love to climb into one that was half empty and sleep. They are so funny!

Wildflowerhouse said...

What a sweetheart. I would have been mad if you had sprayed her. Yup I am a sucker when it comes to discipline.

Luisa said...

That was so cute. You think a bowl like that wouldn't be comfortable for nap but.. :) lol

Valarie said...

That kitten is just too cute. I'm so very glad that you aren't the "perfect" pet owner because you would have never had the great experience to work at your island with a cat in a bowl. Very sweet.