November 13, 2010


One never knows what the morning will bring around our house. . .  out our windows.

We have a squirrel who finally made it up the very thin pole, pried open part of the feeder, and is munching away on Black Oil Sunflower seeds
while his accomplice awaits nearby on the deck staring at the slider door. . . a *watch squirrel* perhaps?

And then there's the female cardinal who keeps flying at the window, since we took the screens off the windows for the winter months, 

that even the cats don't deter her!

Try to convince her that her reflection in the window is NOT another cardinal in her territory! Perhaps then she will stop attacking the window, that is, IF she can be convinced. 

I know they are territorial birds but I thought just during their nesting season. We got a video of her doing this to my son's room back in March. See it here.

 Today has also reminded me to clean these windows
I read a book in the past by designer, Alexandria Stoddard, and she mentioned that if you intend to have many windows in your house, then you *must* keep them clean.
"Clean windows are like a cloudless day" she said.

All in all , we LOVE what we can find out our windows each morning. Each day is a surprise and sometimes an adventure. It makes us appreciate all the little gifts of life, the small joys . 

Have you seen any silliness out your windows? Do share!

                         happy day!


Unknown said...

Thanks for coming by and visiting our blog. I just read your profile and given what you do thought you might enjoy this article I read in the weekend edition of The Globe and Mail this morning:
p.s. love that cat!

The Boston Lady said...

Marcia, I like the quote about clean windows being like a cloudless day. I have some scrubbing to do! Also I have silliness several times a day out my back windows as my older Boston Terrier usually splays herself out like a dead possum while she suns herself. Ann

Molly said...

What a lovely blog this is Marcia. I love the picture of your cat stretched up on the window sill looking at her own reflection! Thank you for your sweet comment on mine!