December 10, 2010


Festive is the feeling we get when we collect greenery for the house

 and outside

or when we unwrap, one by one, our Twelve Days of Christmas. . . 

to add to our window frame

or the fabric we gather to make into gift sacks

or the wall hangings we hang.

We have only just begun to decorate and we look forward to the season.

Chania at RAZMATAZ hosts the photo challenge. Check it out to see more festivities.

  happy day!


The Boston Lady said...

There's nothing like bringing the outdoors in, especially this time of year with the wonderful smells of the pine. Love your 12 Days ornaments and hope we get to see how you display them on the beautiful window. Ann

retha said...

Your twelve days of Christmas must be beautiful hanging in the window frame.
I like the pine smell we also get this time of year. Fragrance trapped in the heat and humidity.

Razmataz said...

You are so right....festive is a feeling. you capture it really well. Love your gift sack much better than paper!

Kit said...

Wow, I love your 12 days of Chrismtas carvings. Where did you get those? Kit