March 30, 2011


Do you feel comfortable speaking to a group?  
What about talking about something you love, does it make a difference?

I decided to have *leadership* activities for the children in earth school, to encourage them to be in charge, to address the other children.  

The more you speak in front of others, the more natural and comfortable it will feel. . .  plus we all have something to give.

It wasn't mandatory to take part. Freedom and choice are huge parts of earth school, and no child would ever be made to do something he/she did not want to do. 
Encouraged ? Yes 
Made to? Never.

I asked the children if they would teach the other children how to do something or share something. It could be anything. They just stared at me blankly, perhaps thinking ..what? me teach? 

Think of something you love to do and share what you love ! 

That made all the difference!

When you share what you love, what you are passionate about, it becomes easier to speak in a group. The first few sentences might be wrought with trembling lips and a racing heart, but as you talk of your passion it all flows and your body calms down, and your love for the subject shines through.

Come and see what the children shared!

                   Finger Knitting  
She is quite adept at it and makes it look so easy.

Napkin Folding
He sets the table each night at home and loves to create with napkins.

Drawing a Humpback Whale.  
He draws alot, and especially loves to draw animals.

Uechi Karate. 
He is a white belt, blue bar and loves his class.

Lithuanian Words 
She is learning the language of her ancestors and was excited to share with others.

Slap Jack 
It's a fun card game he likes to play with others.

Along with modeling behavior, and giving our children freedom and choices as they grow, there are also *tools* we can give them to increase their confidence. . . like opportunities to share what they love!
                       happy day!


marcia said...

Does anyone know why the word *subject* and the word *game* was turned into a link??? I didn't make them a link and I need to know how to fix it!
Does anyone know?


Lori Skoog said...

When our kids were younger and in 4H they participated in Public Presentations. They would compete with other clubs and became very good at this...had to use visual aids too. It set them up nicely for the years to come.

Your school sounds fabulous!

Jump into A Book said...

what a great idea Marcia. I loved seeing all of the topics they wanted to share. So diverse too. What a creative bunch you have over there.

Unknown said...

This is such a wonderful post! how fun to encourage " young sprouts" to be leaders!