May 16, 2010


    My Sunday Stroll took me to a city, instead of nature, today And truth be told, it wasn't actually a *stroll* but more of standing still, being in the moment, and focusing in amidst the sounds and sights around us until the show was about to begin. I couldn't possibly capture *all* the visual inspirations in the half block we were in but I'll give you a glimpse.

If you haven't had a chance to see Jersey Boys , and you love music and want to feel happy and upbeat,  go see it!  It is absolutely WONDERFUL! We sure thought so!

A fun city experience to do with the children is to give them a camera and encourage them to search for objects...circles, rectangles, etc.   And also let them just take pictures of things they find interesting.  Perhaps they would like to make their own *city scrapbook*.
The opportunities, inspirations, and ideas are endless  :)


Marcie said...

I like your city stroll! It is nice to photograph architecture and city scapes as a change of pace. Love the color of the vw! And I love the photo of you with your companions. It seems like a wonderful day!

marcia said...

Thanks Aisling! It was a stupendous day..and we went out for wine and eats afterwards. Relaxing and fun! It's great to go out for ME now and then (grin). Three more joined us.

Isn't that VW color just gorgeous??? That color just energized me...had to snap it!


Janet said...

What terrific architectural photos! Looks as if you and your friends had a fun day.

Marcie said...

Marcia, I'm glad it was fun... and wine and dinner sounds perfect. I love the conversation that accompanies an outing like that.

And yes, what a wonderful, energizing color! It might not feel so bad to head of on the "daily grind" in that car! *grin*