July 23, 2010


It has been such a joy that the children, all of us actually, can have a close up view of the birds, their nest and their babies from inside our house!

We have a huge Butterfly Bush that has engulfed two of the six windows in our great room in the front of the house, 
and although some people probably think we should trim it back, there IS a very good reason why we keep it there and keep it so big. 

Each year birds build their nests, lay and hatch their eggs and feed their babies, and we get to watch them up close.  If we are very lucky, and have perfect timing,we also get to see the babies fledge the nest.

This year a pair of Cardinal built their nest in the Butterfly Bush.
 The mother sits in the nest . . .

and the father is never too far away.

Sometimes they both fly off and leave a hungry baby. . .waiting patiently
and one, or both, will return with  food.

                            And this goes on and on until the babies fledge. 
During any part of any day, we are blessed to witness another one of nature's glorious gifts.

A day and then a week passed by:
  The redbird hanging from the sill
Sang not; and all were wondering why
It was so still— 
When one bright morning, loud and clear,
Its whistle smote my drowsy ear,
Ten times repeated, till the sound
Filled every echoing niche around;
And all things earliest loved by me,—
The bird, the brook, the flower, the tree,—
Came back again, as thus I heard
    The cardinal bird. . .   
~Wm Davis Gallagher


Obaitori said...

Beautiful post - your photos are wonderful. I love the father bird all red & a bit proud & puffed out. Thank you - this is so wonderful! Katie x

Elizabeth said...

What a wonderful experience! We love watching the birds in our yard and have had a few robin's nests over the years. It would be wonderful to have the up close and personal you get without interfering with the birds. How lucky you are. Thanks for sharing you lovely story and pictures. I'd keep the bush.

Blessings, Elizabeth

Sherry Blue Sky said...

How completely glorious!

HereWeGoAJen said...

How nice! We have a big tree outside, but I am not sure it is close enough to a window. We just moved in though, so we'll have to see if it gets any visitors.