July 8, 2010


The sound, of a faint *cheep, cheep, cheep*, alerted us that baby birds were in the vicinity.
We searched the area and found three sleeping baby birds. They were covered in gray/brown fuzzy down and were very precious.

The nest was only about three inches wide, and was nestled among the branches of the young Blue Spruce tree outside of our raised bed garden.

We kept looking at them and soon they were looking right back at us.

It seems we might have interrupted feeding time as both the mom and dad were waiting patiently for us to leave.

We stepped back and gave them room to feed their babies in comfort. 
And we just marveled in the sight. . . another one of nature's gifts.

These birds are American Tree Sparrows. 
Note what the adults birds have in their mouths, they eat 100% animals matter, mostly insects. Read more about them here and listen to their bird call.


Unknown said...

What a precious picture! I've seen one or two in nests but usually they were sqwaking with their mouthes open! LOL Thanks for sharing those pictures.

eidolons said...

We have a birdhouse in the Japanese magnolia right outside our front window. Every year we get nesting chikadees. It's amazing to see the whole family out there.

nocton4 said...

great photos xx

Unknown said...

Beautiful pictures... We have been enjoying the same experience with the barn swallows.