July 26, 2010


The kids have had fun with these sponge splashers, at a recent party here, and playing together in the back yard.
We like them instead of water balloons. Broken water balloons are such a mess to clean up and they pose a hazard to ducks, hens and birds if ingested. 

The sponge splashers float in the pool so you can play games with them or just toss them at people in and out of the water.

They are also soft enough to toss around in the house (DRY of course!)

We love these and they are very easy to make.
One sponge splasher takes three sponges, and we used thin cotton rope about 14 inches long. We tried tying with string, yarn, floss and coated wire, but the cotton rope worked the best and was still soft enough.

Cut each of the three sponges the long way into three strips. They cut easily with scissors.

Lay the rope down and stack all three sponges, one on top of another, centering on the rope.

Pull and tie very tight 
and knot the rope.
Pull the strips a bit to fluff it up like a ball.
 And now. . . get ready to get WET!
   happy day!

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