July 29, 2010


We bought a small, well-worn, green shelf unit at a yard sale last year. It is forty inches tall and twenty three inches wide, with six narrow shelves and two hooks on the back for hanging. 

We liked it and wanted it and knew we would find a use for it someday. Well, the someday was today and it became our *nature shelves*. 

We left the paint as is, keeping that extra character and time worn appearance, that can surely get by in our very casual log home.

We already have a Nature Cabinet in our kitchen, but these nature shelves will only have a few items at a focus on
Right now, two shelves are filled with bird nests.

one shelf with hornet and wasp nests

two shelves of field guides

and the bottom one of smooth white stones, easily reached by little hands.

 We love to surround ourselves with old things and re-purpose them. But sometimes we have to wait a bit until we have the inspiration.

                          happy day!


eidolons said...

Why did I never think of that?! You are a genius!

We have nine indoor cats and a toddler who still stuffs things in his mouth. So I've always thought that a nature table was just out of the question. But a nature *shelf!* Now that's another story all together!

Happy day! *dances* Thank you!

marcia said...

LOL. Thanks.

You will notice it is higher on the wall than a very small child could reach. It was done on purpose for that very reason..we have lots of little visitors here The can still partake in it but not necessarily touch everything.

You can still have a nature table ...OR a nature TRAY! that you put up and down.. with appropriate things for little ones that they can't choke on..and be WITH them when they are exploring it.

happy day!

Unknown said...

Oh how peaceful... what a lovely idea for all the bits and bobbles we collect on our walks.

Lise said...

Beautiful!!! I love how you've sorted it.

softearthart said...

Great shelf with natures treasures, cheers Marie

Cheryl said...

What a lovely setting for nature finds. So well thought out.

Let the Children Play said...

This looks gorgeous! Like you I have a couple of old bits and pieces that have been rescued sitting in the shed waiting for their purpose to announce itself. I love you idea for preschool - our kids are forever bringing things back from bushwalks. Now to find just the right shelf....

Bonnie K said...

I love it! What a great idea! Thanks for the great idea. Nature is better than art. Our home is filled with shed antlers, because they are beautiful. I like your cabin.