July 10, 2010


If a 3 1/2 year old has a green marker outside on a deck, and a white dog is nearby, 

what do YOU think might happen?

Did you guess correctly?

He matches the door now  :)

The little artist definitely takes after her mother, who also takes after her mother, ME! 
 We wrote on anything and everything. 
Perhaps that's a sign of a creative spirit?


Phyllis said...

LOL! Oh, my!

Luisa said...

lol! Yup an unsuspecting green dog :)

Unknown said...

LOL I had to chuckle - I expected much more green. Reminds me of the time my then 10 year old daughter (she's almost 30 now) 'painted' her eyelids with a blue marker. Somehow I didn't even notice until we got to the Farmer's Market and then was livid because she wasn't supposed to be wearing makeup at that age. Trying to spit clean them with a kleenex was when I realized it was market. Can you say blue eyelids for two weeks? LOLOLOL

Unknown said...

Whoops, meant to say marker, not market.

marcia said...

Whimsey, LOL I attribute the amount of marker on the dog to the fact that she was 3 1/2 and quite a smart one at that and probably really knew it wasn't what she should be writing on but just *had* to. LOL If it was her 20 month old brother , the dog would have been covered.

Ohh I LOVE the story of the blue eyelids! And marker lasts forever hahaha!

I have a story too, of my daughter at age 10 (almost 33, she's the mom of the dog artist).

I had to go to her school midday unexpectedly and she was out on the playground. She wasn't expecting me of course and when she saw me her eyes widened, and so did mine, for she had on the thickest, brightest red lipstick I ever saw in my life and eye shadow as well! I will never forget that day!

Kristen said...

I just love it!!!!!! Sooooooo funny! My love will cover her body with paint or markers and is quite creative....and has now taught her brother! He now covers his body! I really have to laugh at how they learn from each other. To color or paint on paper to them is simply boring lol. I must get out some other types for them to paint on.

Mom....that story is priceless. I remember it to this day!!! Hunt! Blue eyeshadow and fire engine red lipstick........kind of like the recital makeup!!! The funniest part is that it probably had been going on for weeks ! LOL