July 10, 2010


 She inspected the paints, noticed some were almost empty, and decided to play with them, dropping a speck here, a drop there, and shaking to make tiny drops, like splattering. 

 Then she used her fingers to make long streaks with some colors. The yellow paint came out in a big blob, so she used her hands to spread it all around.

She really didn't have a plan in mind, she just went with the flow and every step was fun and ended up being great to look at . 

Another creative spark, as I call them.
  Any creative endeavor is never a waste. It will go in her art stash to use in a future project, perhaps a background or for cut out letters or shapes.

Free flowing art . . .
it would look great in a frame as it is right now!

When is the last time YOU played with paint? We should all take a lesson from the children. . .
  Go with the flow and see where it takes you
 Try it!  Above all, enJOY!
And remember . . . the process is always more important than product :)


Unknown said...

I held my breath as I read this just hoping it wasn't ON THE DOG! LOL It is a beautiful painting - love it.

softearthart said...

I so agree, it is the doing that counts, great pic. cheers Marie

Cheryl said...

I always think the difference between art and crafting, is that art is more about the journey. I think you could put this masterpiece in a frame.

Sherry Blue Sky said...

Awesome! And her smile truly reflects a child in harmony.