July 18, 2010


It has been years since we have had kittens, and now we have two, and I forget the antics and the things they get into, for there seems to be no boundaries as far as kittens go. 
They choose to do whatever they want :)

The children love them and have even made a kitten toy for them.

Today I turned around in the kitchen and there was Juliet, as comfortable as could be, on the table. It's really not where I want her to be but this picture was precious.

 You see, last night I had *plucked* one of our Angora rabbits, and came in through the slider and left the container of fiber at the end of the table. I meant to move it :)

This morning, while exploring, Juliet knocked over the container. (of course! ) and decided the angora was a very comfy bed for her morning nap

A very smart and resourceful kitten, don't you think? Sweet dreams, Juliet !

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Sherry Blue Sky said...

SO SWEET! Too cute! The softest bed possible for a little furry wayfarer. You will have trouble claiming it back, I suspect:)