July 14, 2010


 Children love to have areas like hideaways, cubbies, forts and teepees to hide and play in and use their imaginations. 
We had many fallen branches in our woodlands and decided to put them to a fun use. It took two of us to get it started . We used a step ladder and put three branches together, tripod style, and secured them at the top. We used duct tape, not a natural material I am embarrassed to say, but we needed something strong and that would stand up to the weather.
Once the three legs were standing on their own, we just added to it every time we came across more branches in the woods. 
We built it five years ago and it's still in great shape. The pines have grown and it is more nestled in now. I like seeing it standing there at the edge of the woodlands

Children play in it

 hide in it

and run right through it
It's fun to watch and see how they use it.
It didn't always have a back *door*, but the children needed one, so we took a few branches down to make an opening for them. Sometimes we hang cotton fabric or a silk as a front door, back door or both.
  Sometimes the dog, or the hens, sit in there to get out of the sun and wild rabbits rest after they have satisfied themselves with clover and dandelion greens a few feet away. (The white speck in the top picture is a rabbit's tail). Birds often alight on the branches and sing to us. 
 The teepee has been great for everyone. Perhaps you can collect fallen branches and make your own teepee. You'll be happy you did.

 Next on our agenda is to make living willow structures , probably a tunnel and a dome, but it won't be planted until next March.

happy day!


Lise said...

Beautiful! We have more temporary tipis going up and coming down all the time ("we needed the sticks to shoo the chickens!"). I like the idea of your larger, more permanent one. And the living ones--so cool! Can't wait to see yours!

Little Acorn Learning said...

Oh I just love this!
I am going to show my husband and BEG that he makes one for our little school too.
Thank you!

Cheryl said...

I know my children would love playing in such a wonderful shelter. I'd love to make a willow structure, but we have to wait for the rain.