July 6, 2010


(Buddleia, Echinacea, Rudbeckia, Liatris, Onion)

WOW!  The gardens have grown overnight!
                                            ( Provider Bush Beans)
I watered today after being laid up for the last two days with a bruised, swollen and sprained ankle.  Lying on the couch elevating and icing my ankle was a great thing to be doing in this 90+ degree heat but not when the animals and garden require extra care because of it.

Everything is looking good although there are quite a few weeds that need tending. I do prefer that *wild* appearance anyway instead of a neatly manicured area but certainly not when weeds take center stage over the flowers :)

(Miscanthus sinensis, Buddleia, Achillea, Echinecea,Rudbeckia, Monarda,Yucca,
Stachys byzantina,Fragaria, Allium schoenoprasum, Buxus sempervirens )

(Pines, Beech, Monarda, Sedum)

(Hemerocallis,Miscanthus sinensis, Buddleia, Sedum, Rudbeckia,
Monarda,Origanum vulgare, Heliopsis, Nepeta,Silene coronaria, Liatris)
Wild rabbits are seen often munching on green plants that have been left standing. It makes me feel good that I have left them there, and if they eat those, they will not try to get into the raised bed area full of vegetables.

There is more to weed, more to plant, the setting up of trellises for cucumbers and stakes for tomatoes , and aphids to be rid of on the false sunflowers. Always something to be done in and around the garden. It's all good and enJOYable.

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Lise said...

WOW--your garden is gorgeous! Hope you're feeling better soon.