December 8, 2010


Day  8 prompt – Beautifully Different

Think about what makes you different and what you do that lights people up. Reflect on all the things that make you different – you’ll find they’re what make you beautiful

Living without school makes one different. Living with choice and freedom makes one different. And I believe in a very good way! There are those, plenty of them, who think otherwise, and that's ok because each person has to do what is right for them and their family.

I just wish people would question what is.
I wish they knew they have choices. 
I wish that if their life wasn't what they wanted, they knew they could make changes.
I wish they knew life (and learning!) can be joyful. 
Many people plug along, day to day, thinking they have to do this and have to do that, not realizing it can be different.

The older I get the more I am comfortable with myself and I don't care what others think. I tend to speak my mind, yet always striving to be respectful. I also feel that I need to love myself,  take care of myself, and make time to do the things I want to do. When I do , I am refreshed and more than ready to handle whatever comes my way.

I think people tend to light up and be inspired when I am engrossed in my passions and share with them, especially nature and art. There are adults who say they wished they could come to my earth school too, and others always ask me to offer art workshops for them .

But I think it IS infectious when one is passionate about something, no matter the subject, and it is shared. It encourages people and inspires people to look at things in a new light and perhaps do something themselves.

embrace differences.
there is good to be found in all of us.
and each one of us has something to give.

reverb 10 - reflect on this year and manifest what's next

                                  happy day!

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