December 3, 2010


Today's photo challenge was to first show a vignette and then show the whole area . 

We tend to show the best and crop out the rest. I know I do!  We have too many things going on at one time (and animals in the house!) to have constant order. Plus it's not within us, it's not our priority, that sense of organization and order.

This is a grouping atop our piano. The plants and pine cones were gathered from our land and a card is one my sister made using her photography.

Now. . .here is a bigger picture of the same area, when Romeo our yellow kitten jumped up at the last minute. Do you see him? Meanwhile, Juliet had been there all the time and was cropped out.

and an even bigger picture
You can see the light green bookcase and folding chair I moved in there for art supplies and games on Thanksgiving day.. That was a week ago, perhaps I'll move them one of these days.

Chania at RAZMATAZ hosts the photo challenge. Head on over to see other vignettes.

happy day!


Olive said...

Oh the cats are darling and add to the image I think. merry♥O

The Boston Lady said...

Lovely kitties and a lovely long range look at your pretty home. Either way, close up or far away, you have a lovely space. Ann

Kit said...

I love both the vignette and the full picture. Loving that mirror too! Kit

retha said...

Oh, that wood floor!

Razmataz said...

I love that when you back up in the photo, life is all around you. Your piano and gorgeous kitty. Your home looks very interesting, I love all that wood. See....a peek further reveals a lot.

Thank you so much for joining us.

oldgreymare said...

Another great challenge response!

Love that the piano kitty was there all along...

I said to Chania, we are all just a bunch of little white liars... hehe