December 14, 2010


It was only the four of us decorating the tree this year. It was fun, but different.

 Two of my older children, who usually help, got their own trees this year. That's when you know they have truly grown up, when they start their own personal traditions. It's great, but different.

The youngest added the star, as usual.

And we played Scrabble, Blokus and ate eclairs. 
It was quiet, fun and relaxing, just what we all needed.

Life has been a bit crazy lately with a flurry of activity.  I am even behind on my blog posts. My earth school is winding down for a months vacation, my son's musical is over which means no more long daily rehearsals . Soon we will all be in holiday mode, determined to slow down, relax and enjoy the season with friends and family.

How are your days going?

    happy day!

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oldgreymare said...

I'm slowing down but only because I am still sleep deprived..and still cold. Heater Thursday YAY!