December 9, 2010


Day 9 prompt - Party

What social gathering rocked your socks off in 2010? Describe the people, music, food, drink, clothes, shenanigans.

Rocked my socks off? I'm not sure any gathering did that for me this year but I had a great time gathering with family this Thanksgiving.  
It wasn't the kind of Thanksgiving you see in magazines or the ones we have had in the past. It was immensely CASUAL. There was no elegant table set with place settings ( I don't even have enough matching dinnerware for 30 people anyway!). 

The television was turned ON, as I embraced football this year, not because I like the game but because my quests LOVE it. You could tell by the patriots t shirts that were worn.

 I am of the belief that when people gather, the TV should be turned off and people should converse with one another. But I also had to ask myself, Do you want your guests to be comfortable and WANT to come, or have them wish they stayed home to be comfortable and watch the game?

So the tables were kept clear for board games and art and puzzles, while the football fans tuned in to the television and the video gamers played on another set nearby.

It was terrific to have most of my family all together. My parents, four of my five siblings and their families, and four of my six children gathered here. There were also girlfriends and boyfriends and a new friend we invited to join us.

My brother, a professional chef, did his magic in the kitchen and I appreciated all his help. Food was buffet style when those people could turn themselves away from the game.

There were those who needed to take a closer peek to see what was going on inside.

And a kind-hearted, animal loving brother who decided they needed to have some treats  as well.

It was a different kind of Thanksgiving Day but it was fun. It was light and personal, cozy and casual, and while it didn't rock my socks off like a wild and crazy dance party world, I think  everyone enjoyed themselves 
 and that includes me! 
I know I would do it again this way and I'm sure the football fans would be extremely happy.. . but secretly hoping for a bigger screen TV next year :)

reverb 10 - reflect on this year and manifest what's next

                                  happy day!

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