December 7, 2010


nourish and nurture
through the cold
all of us 
children of nature

I'm playing Tuesday Through. . .The Winter Window hosted by Swedish House . 
This is the view looking out to our deck where we made our new Bird Haven.
It seems others are interested as well.
                               happy day!


Olives and Pickles said...


swedishouse said...

Hej Marcia
WHAT A Wonderful Bird Haven!
A wonderful view, at one with nature. It must be hard to steal yourself away from the window
Thank you for playing along again, and sharing your TUESDAY THROUGH...THE WINTER WINDOW
Happy December Days...

Lise said...

What cool birds! (What are they?) You seem to have a black-and-white theme going on out there.

So far, we have only stealthy thieves--somebody took all the seedy pinecones we made (a squirrel, we suspect). New feeders are out there; we're just waiting!

marcia @Child in Harmony said...

Thanks all!

Julie, We absolutely love it cuz we see it while we are gathering in the kitchen which is sooo often! Even people who visit are noticing birds more!

Lise, They are a male and femake Hairy Woodpecker. They are similar to a Downey Woodpecker but have shorter bills. Woodpeckers love peanuts!!!

Ya squirrels are something, aren't they? I'm dying to get one of those squirrel feeders with the corn cob. But then again, they might depend on it and that's more animal feed to buy and I sure buy enough!!!

happy day!

The Boston Lady said...

What great pictures of some very grateful feathered (and bushy-tailed) friends. I love your bird haven! Ann

Mousy Brown said...

Love your chicken - looks like she is enjoying the feed too! :D