December 10, 2010


Day 10 prompt- Wisdom Wisdom 

What was the wisest decision you made this year, and how did it play out?

I chose to be supportive and full of encouragement for my always unschooled son who wanted to try school for the first time ever in his life. It was what he truly wanted and I needed to be there for him with positive vibes. It was his decision to go and I wanted him to be happy.

Focusing on the positive made it a better experience for him. . . and me. It made me realize that high school wasn't all bad, certainly not for a kid, a freethinker, who has had freedom and choice his whole life and knows he can leave school at any time. 

It has only been three months and he is immensely happy. He views school as  just another *tool* to get him where he wants to go on his life's journey. School has already done what he has wanted. He has met many new friends, gets to stay in contact with the friends he already has, and has a girlfriend. He is a member of Theatre and was in a play, a musical, and played guitar in the talent show, and has had offers to be in a band. 

He has established relationships with other adults, including teachers. He is responsible, respectful and confident and has already made a name for himself as such.  He is making many more connections from topics that they have touched on in classes and is taking workshops after school in things that interest him. He will also start Fencing in a month and wants to play more instruments.

 The best decision I made was to support him and look to the positive, no matter how I feel about school. Life is good for him. He is expanding his world in all directions and the bottom line is that he is happy. 

You can read more about him here and here.
(The picture at the top is from the musical. He's on the right.)

reverb 10 - reflect on this year and manifest what's next

                                  happy day!


Tammy@T's Daily Treasures said...

Proof positive that you have raised a wonderful son who is self confident enough to walk into a new situation and take on the world. You have every right to be proud. Happy day to you. Tammy

The Boston Lady said...

It sounds like you have raised a young man who is confident in who he is and what he wants. More credit to you for letting him explore the alternatives available to him and make his choices based on the foundations that have been carefully and lovingly laid for him. You should be very proud that he is an independent thinker and willing to test the waters "out there", which will serve him well as he grows and surely prospers.Ann

oldgreymare said...

Such a good mama.. : D