December 7, 2010


Day 7 prompt: Community

Where have you discovered community, online or otherwise, in 2010? What community would you like to join, create or more deeply connect with in 2011?

Life is richer when you can share it with kindred spirits. I met my community when we started living without school, online at first and then connections were made locally. But it doesn't matter if you see each other weekly, every other month, or once a year. What is important is that connection, that community of individuals you can count on, who understand, who have the same values and live the way you do. Sure, we all have our differences, but believe with all our heart that our children need to live with respect, choice, trust, and freedom. 

I can go to a gathering with my community and be calm and relaxed, the way you feel when you want to go home and you finally get there. A peacefulness prevails.

I can be assured that no child will be talked down to, nor any words of "Because I said so" uttered.  Children are given as much respect as the adults and are listened to wholeheartedly. You will never hear anything said to a child that wouldn't also be said to another adult.  

Choices are given from what to wear to what to eat. Perhaps dessert is eaten before a meal or a jacket is tossed on a chair with the words, "I'm not cold".  

Choice is a way of life and children are trusted to  know what they want and need. . .  with guidance should they need it. There are no demands that a jacket be worn or the insistence of a meal be eaten before dessert.  Have you ever eaten something sweet before a meal? Isn't it great????  And a child will come get his jacket if he needs it. Just trust.

 Family is of utmost importance and everyone truly likes being with their children. There are no raised eyebrows and rolling of eyes and big sighs as if their children were a burden and exhaust them. You won't hear them talking about their child in front of them unless it is ok with the child, and never, ever in a negative tone. There is no talk of grounding or other punishment.

Everyone gets along together, all ages, from adults to babies, there is no hierarchy or authoritarian rule. Sounds too good to be true, doesn't it? 
It is true and it is a glorious way to live.

My community of kindred spirits has deepened in 2010. I have met more people online, and in person. It has been life changing and life enriching, to have met them and getting to know them more and more. I value them in my life and am honored to call them friends.  .

One particular fun  summer day stands out in my mind

I plan to connect with the local horse community in 2011. I feel energized and inspired when I am with other horse people. We talk the same talk. None of my friends who live near me have horses.  I want to make it my plan for the next year, to connect and re-connect with other equine lovers and owners near me.

reverb 10 -reflect on this year and manifest what's next.

happy day!

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