December 2, 2010


I haven never given much thought to our Blueberry bushes in late Autumn. They are bare of leaves and bare of fruit, and while newer branches have a pretty reddish tint, they are just there
Not so for the children!
They see tunnels, and forts, and mazes

When I turned around, this is what I saw :

with voices that called :

We're hibernating!
Come hibernate with us!

as they lay ever so still under the Blueberry bushes.

Be still my heart! It was so very precious. 

This is where the children belong. . . 
in nature. . . 
becoming one with the earth
playing together 
 using their imagination.

If you are unsure about something, look to the children, they will probably have the answer.

happy day!


Cheryl said...

How lovely! You are absolutely right. Children thrive and are so happy when surrounded by nature. Question is, did you join them to hibernate?

Fairie Mom said...

How PRECIOUS!!! I am always amazed at what the kids can turn things into in the yard and out through the woods. I love to get down on there level and see it through there eyes.

Melissa said...

What a magical place....I could not agree more...that is EXACTLY where children belong!!...In nature!

Beth said...

Hi, Marcia,

This is a beautiful post. I am going to take in this wisdom, and keep it in my heart. love, Beth