December 1, 2010


We marbleized paper today using our favorite method. . . with shaving cream
You should give it a try. It is really simple and you can have a stash of gorgeous papers to use in a multitude of ways. 
Here's what to do:

- paint or inks ( we used inexpensive acrylics)
-paper ( watercolor or sketching paper)
-shaving cream (men's is cheaper and we usually try to get unscented or anything but menthol)
- tray or cookie sheet (or you can also use foil or waxed paper)
- spatula for scraping shaving cream
-forks, sticks, and other assorted tools to swirl ( it's fun to experiment with different things)

We cut our paper in half. It makes it easier to handle, especially for children. One you get the hang of it, it is easy to do a whole page. And of course, the heavier the paper ,the easier it is to do a whole page at one time.

1) Squirt your shaving cream on the tray about the size of your paper. Please allow children to do it themselves, this is a fun part ! Spread it with a knife if there are gaps.
2) Decide on 3-4 colors and drop them onto the shaving cream
3) Take a fork ( and other things) and swirl the paint. Be careful not to keep mixing the same areas for it will turn brown. Swirl one area and move to the next area,
4) After it is all swirled, lay your paper face down in the paint-swirled shaving cream and press down making sure there is good contact all over.
5) Life one corner very carefully. . . Lift it straight up !

6) Carry it to the sink area and lay it down.
7) Scrape off the shaving cream with a spatula, scraping in one direction, dropping the shaving cream into the sink. You can even rinse the spatula, it won't hurt the paper 

8) Once all the shaving cream is off let it dry
9) Add more paint to the shaving cream on the tray and do it again and again .
That way you will have many papers to use in the future from the one batch of shaving cream and paint.

You can tell when you don't want to use it anymore. It starts to get cloudy.
10) Once they are all dry, put them between waxed paper or parchment paper and under a heavy stack of books to flatten out. Then use as you wish!
You can use them for backgrounds for other art, in journal pages, ATC's or mixed media art, or as greeting cards, thank you notes, etc.  You can cut out letters from them. 
Anything is possible!

Stay tuned for what we plan to use all our marbleized paper for. Ssssh It's a secret! But for now you can view the gallery of paper the children made. Beautiful!

 The Gallery of Marbleized Paper

Did you notice the grey one? That was the last of a batch when all the colors got mixed together. The grey is still beautiful though. A nice background for something special.

happy day, happy marbleizing!


Phyllis said...

Oh, that looks like so much fun. We are going to have to try this one day.

Lise said...

These are gorgeous; I'll have to try them!

I'm so sorry I forgot to mention your bird haven in my blog post. I think that's probably what lit the fire to get me going with Lucy's bird-watching station this week! I just love what you did; so smart!

Unknown said...

Wow that's amazing - who would have thought! Makes me wish my husband shaved so I'd have some shaving cream in the house - I'd be out in the studio playing right now! LOL

Luisa said...

That was awesome and fun. I can't wait to do this. I hope don't mind I'm going add alink to this post on my next Monday list.
For now I'm adding shaving creme to my grocery list.

marcia said...

Thank you everyone. They also make great holiday cards, gift tags or thank you notes!

Lise, no apologies necessary! Happy you were inspired.

Luisa, feel free to link,sharing is what it's all about :)

happy day!