April 8, 2010


  The large oak had to be cut down even though we know insects and certain birds love dead trees. It was looming right above the children's favorite place space, and who knows when a wind would bring a branch hurling to the ground. We didn't want to take any chances.
This is DAY 4 in The Great Outdoor Challenge game we are playing.

 It was supposed to be all cut up into pieces by now. . .  but I'm glad it wasn't and so were the children.

For the fallen tree became a  ride-on rocket ship, ready to take you anywhere you want to go . . .

and a
  balance beam . . .

 in and out of

The stump became a fun place to play around . . . 

 and to climb!

and to stand tall
and be proud.

And just a place to relax
and sit quietly before running off to join the others.

Nature has many gifts to give us, even when we don't expect it.
We've decided the stump *has to* stay and  part of the fallen tree also  :)

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Valarie said...

There is nothing better than a fallen tree. We have one in our forest that we haven't cut for the same purpose your children have used a tree. Such simple fun! So glad they enjoyed it.

{cindy} said...

What a great place to play and learn!
Thanks for stopping by my blog today and leaving a kind comment!
Enjoy the day!