April 29, 2010


My children tend to connect more with others who are respectful, kind and who share many of the same interests such as:

Nature:  being outdoors whether sitting outside talking, exploring by the pond or woodlands, or playing basketball in the driveway.

Animals: watching ,caring, interacting or caring for their own or others' .It's just a regular part of their lives.

the ARTS: appreciation and interest in all the arts but each one clearly passionate about one: dancing, singing, and creating with art medium.

DAY 23 in the Great Outdoor Challenge.
VISIT the others who play!


Lise said...

Marcia, thank you for your sweet words. It was a good day, made better by comments like yours. I am surprised at how much it matters to be heard and comforted by strangers, even when I feel I must be vague.

I love this post. It makes me eager to meet the friends Lucy will choose as she grows. I hope they're just like the children you describe!

Cheryl said...

Oh how true. I can see which friends my daughters are more comfortable with. Common interests and common values, even at their age, are important to them when choosing friends.

Love the photos.