April 26, 2010


I love old things. I like to keep old things. I like to use old things in a new way or give them new life. It could be considered recycling, right? Creative Recycling!

 Old things have character and a feel to them I cannot adequately describe.
My youngest daughter takes after me in that passion. She has an appreciation for all things old.

One of my older daughters once asked me "Why do we always wait until something breaks before we get a new one?" I have thought about those words at different times over the years and it is just how I live and what I believe in, I guess. Even if money was no object, I still wouldn't go out and buy something new just to have the latest thing . If it still works, it does not even enter my mind to replace it?

Reaching deep down within myself, perhaps it is the basic fact that I LOVE old things. And  I love to create, so it comes naturally that I want to use what we have.

My idea of a delectable day trip would be to scour antique shops and salvage yards, but everything I get will need a *home* so I try to limit my visits, and instead, work with what I have here at home.

I have had a particular dresser since I was a baby and that would make it close to half a century old. It was cream colored with beautiful painted birds on the fronts of the drawers. It is so clear in my mind. I remember the birds literally disappearing as the dresser was used year after year, child after child, six of them.

It was eventually tucked away up in the attic and it wasn't until years later that I re-discovered it. Standing in a corner, strong and sturdy, paint chipped here and there, it called to me. Not only did it evoke childhood memories but it was a useful piece of furniture beckoned to be lived with again. I took it home.

I had to wait to be inspired and it finally came from an enormous piece of furniture I saw in a furniture shop that made my heart sing.

 It was huge and had a myriad of drawers, all sizes and in four different colors. I wanted to buy it but with the huge size and huge price tag it was not going to happen. Instead, I decided to used that inspiration for my dresser.

I painted it in FIVE different colors, attached white crackled porcelain knobs and filled it to the brim with art supplies like colored pencils, markers, various papers, wool felt, beeswax, stencils, yarns and more.

 Atop the piece at the moment are some favorite books for children, a ceramic bird and pieces of a walking stick from a yard of a friend. It is still sturdy, solid wonderful storage. You can tell it has been used quite frequently as it already needs a paint touch-up.

 This is one of my Creative Recycling projects for Deb's challenge.
 What have YOU recycled...creatively ?


Unknown said...

Wonderful post Marcia! This is one of my favorite pieces of yours... I love the different colored drawers and the entire color palette in general just says sunshine to me!
Just like the inside of your home :)
I'm off to add your link right away to my list of creative recycling challenge players. So glad you have jumped on board! A big thank you for adding my button to your homepage...
much love and happy creative recycling,

gardenmama said...

oh i love your style!
that is the happiest dresser i have ever seen : ) your banner is so beautiful!

marcia said...

Thank you for the compliments. It was fun doing it!