April 27, 2010


"Naturalists are very observant, they take their time in nature, they take in every detail and notice the changes all around them", I reminded the children.

It became a game "WHAT DO YOU SEE?", that I repeated every 20 feet or so. It got them to look and really take notice.

I see a mushroom

I see more green. . .it's algae.

I see fungus.

I see new leaves, soft and silky.

I see the tulip closing up because it's a cool, cloudy day.

I can hardly see the bird's nest now,
but this other one is still visible. 
I see tiny purplish flowers in the grass.

I see how different the dandelion looks after a rain.

These were only a few of our discoveries at Harmony Woods Earth School today.

And the children always find time to go play with the angora rabbits

and end their day with a game

This is Day 21 in the Great Outdoor Challenge. VISIT the others who play!

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