April 25, 2010


My girl and I like many of the same things... nature, horses, art and color are among the many we share.
Today we went walking for patterns in nature.

Nature can really provide us with all the inspiration we need to create art. Patterns, textures and color are everywhere. It's amazing . . .the exquisite detail in all of the natural world.

This is Day 19 in the Great Outdoor challenge

    I especially love the similarities between the tree bark and her hair.
     Look closely and see what patterns and textures YOU can find?

         VISIT the others who play the challenge.


Marcie said...

I love all of the patterns in nature! What a wonderful job you did on the close ups!

Unknown said...

Great photography! Cool patterns!
Love the hair and tree bark the best :) I love how nature repeats patterns in so many things...It's truly amazing if you stop and think about it... and easy to do if you can see it up close like here today!
Really neat Marcia!

marcia said...

Oohh thank you Aisling, that's a big compliment. I have aways to catch up to your gorgeous photography though hehehe


marcia said...

Thanks Deb. Yes aren't the patterns GLORIOUS? If we look at all our man-made patterns. I'll bet most all were inspired by the natural world.

ie. leaf skeletons look like LACE, some lichen have RUFFLES!