April 20, 2010


My Harmony Woods Earth School was in full swing today as eight children explored and discovered life in the woodlands, caught and observed frogs,salamanders, earthworms, pill bugs and snails, wrote quotes and drew wildflowers in their nature journals, fed horses, plucked angora rabbits, and still had time to talk, laugh and play a few games.

This will be Day 14 in the Great Outdoor Challenge
the others who play!


kim said...

I love this post and the idea of the children learning through nature! We love the outdoors, and I would love to follow along to see what you all are up to and gather some ideas as well!

Thanks for sharing! :)

Ariella said...

beautiful post. nature is the best classroom!

L'Adelaide said...

hello--better late than never, i am coming over to your neck of the woods to say hello and thank you for your sweet comment left the other day on my blog... it is always nice to meet someone new and i don't remember meeting...have we? i have a terrible memory, especially lately...your blog is delightful and i look forward to enjoying it when i am not tired at the end of, well middle of the good night for now and see you soon.. ♥

Unknown said...

Congratulations on Day one!
It looks like a perfect day for children and nature...
Keep following your dreams!

Dandelion Wishes to you!