April 30, 2010


 We went exploring to collect some nature with the little lady who came to visit for the day, 

We had plans to make something for May Day, the first of May, which is tomorrow. 

There are many festivities for May Day and we decided upon a British custom of Well Dressing. 
 Well dressing is an ancient custom and is the art of decorating (dressing) wells, springs or other water sources with pictures made of things from nature.

It was to celebrate the gift of water and it's importance in life.
Inspiration came from Cheryl at Time to Craft

We made salt dough, rolled it out onto cardboard and added our decorations from nature and let it dry.


Check out some pretty Well Dressings here

This is DAY 24 and the last day of April..and the Great Outdoor Challenge...(I think).
We are always outside anyway and have a passion for the nature world, but it was fun to actually document the things we did do each day during the month and to VISIT the others who play the challenge.


Cheryl said...

Oh they are beautiful. Such a lovely way to celebrate the gift of water. I'll make sure I show my children. They will be thrilled that their art has helped to inspire others.

Happy May Day

Luisa said...

Happy May Day! The playdough with nature looks just beautiful. Very sping and cheerful. Love the butterfly tshirt on your littel one.

Rana said...

What a beautiful idea. We will have to try this.

gail@My Repurposed Life said...

wow! looks like a great day.
happy May Day to you!
thanks for visiting my blog and taking the time to leave a comment on the dresser into bench.
happy weekend too!

softearthart said...

Just lovely, hi from New Zealand Marie

Valarie said...

Such a lovely way to celebrate May Day. Happy May Day everybody.