April 25, 2010


The quietness of the morning, and the gray sky with its intermittent splattering of raindrops, did not do much to motivate me to take a stroll. I was in slow motion and actually quite content to stay snuggled in the house if not for horses in the paddock neighing ," Did you forget about us?"

Sometimes the more you do, the more you can do.
It was then I decided to stroll with RED in mind.
Red excites, warms, and rejuvenates me.

        Do you have any Red in your life?
        See the others who are strolling HERE.

Happy happy day!

3 comments: said...

RED! Love you're Red Sunday! Red is my favorite " neutral"... and the perfect compliment to all of nature's most wonderful greens.
Thanks for the burst of energy on a slow damp cool day! Much needed...:)

Dandelion Wishes,

Marcie said...

Oh the red is beautiful! I don't think I have nearly this much red... two kinds of red tulips, some red centers on the poet's narcissus, and our lovely cardinals. I can't decide which of your photos I love most, because all are so cheery and bright!

Everydaywoman said...

Just LOVE all the shades of RED you found today! Everyone needs a little red in their lives, especially on the grey days! Thanks for sharing!