April 11, 2010


On my Sunday stroll this morning I noticed everything in *twos*, two different kinds, or a pair or opposites.

All except for the Mallard duck swimming all by himself in the pond.
The sight of the Mallard pair mark spring for us here .
The couple has returned to our pond together each April for the past four years and has stayed for three days. This year the male is alone.

We like to think the couple are off somewhere else and this is a new male looking for a mate. And perhaps it is.

Have YOU been for a stroll today? I'd love to hear all about it .


Marcie said...

What a beautiful day you are having. I love the narcissus, and the mallard especially. Thank you for sharing your sunshine!

Unknown said...

Love your stroll today Marcia! I enjoy observing pairs in nature as well. It was a beautiful day in our part of New England wasn't it? We took a slow Sunday Stroll at the beach today at our favorite santuary. The very beach we have been walking together for 23 years. I made a new discovery today! Angel Shells in the mud were standing on end in a place I had never seem them before! I think my father in law got his angel wings today! :)

The water was so very blue and just a bit deeper than the very bright clear blue sky. The sand was almost white, and the painted bouies seemd to jump out in the bright sunlight!
I think I will get myself a Sunday Stroll button and join the fun! If I can stay up late enough I'll make todays my first one!

Thank you for sharing your photos from your neck of the woods!

marcia said...

Thank you Aisling. It was great to spend time watching the duck, although a bit sad that a mate wasn't with him.
I crept along each part of our pond, undetected, until I finally decided to go back to the house. Perhaps he knew because it was then he took flight :)

marcia said...

Hey Deb!
Go For it! I love the Sunday Stroll. It reminds me of my Sunday Morning Walk I used to post on my Live free In Harmony blog. I am out in nature all the time but the Stroll *makes* me document my findings and reflect on them :)
Nature is sooo good for the soul!

The angel shells and your father in law...beautiful. He is resting in peace now.