April 19, 2010


"Come here quick!" she said quietly yet firmly, as she sat writing at the picnic table.

We had just said goodbye to the Vet who had given the horses their annual shots and teeth floating.( teeth floating is filing down their teeth so they are better able to chew their hay), and she had just sat down to write while I went to take pictures of the unknown blooms that popped up in the garden .
I turned to look when she called me and had to smile.

She had a visitor for some girl talk.

They seem to be actually having a conversation.
It was precious.

Buff hung out while she went ahead with her writing.

She even switched sides to get a closer look.

All in a day. . . with children and chickens on the farm :)

This is DAY 14 in the Great Outdoor Challenge.
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5orangepotatoes said...

LOL!!!! What a super cute post!!! What a curious little hen. And your daughter is just as cute as can be!


marcia said...

Thank you Lisa. We honestly have the sweetest and friendliest hens !

This particular one is THE mother hen, the oldest one we have, from our very first flock.

Lise said...

I love the story these pictures tell! Our chickens always have to hop up for a look when we sit to draw at the picnic table, too.