April 4, 2010


It was nice to steal away for an early stroll and take advantage of the glorious sunshine and its warmth.

 More wildflowers are in bloom.

or are just making their appearance through the soil

I have an affinity for animal homes (or faerie dwellings!) and I notice them everywhere. I like to imagine what animal ( or faerie!) lives there and how they view  the world.

A moth goes into "I see a predator" mode by quickly closing her wings and staying a-b-s-o-l-u-t-e-l-y STILL

Life is the pond is more visible now that the days are warmer and longer.

I also spy eggs for the egg hunt.

Later on we enjoyed another stroll as all the cherubs hunted for treat- filled eggs on the grassy knoll beside the pond.

For renewal of life
For birds that sing
Thanks for Easter
Thanks for Spring

1 comment:

Marcie said...

I love the bits of nature that you've captured here... the fairy homes, the turtle in his (or her) element, the wild flowers... The little cherub faces are as sweet and lovely as the flowers.